Toetally Tuesday #7 - Whi-whi-white out!

(instead of wipe out...which is defined on urban dictionary as: to trip and fall while running. Usually this is caused by tripping over one's own feet, or tripping over an object on the ground, such as a tree branch. See this blog is both fun AND educational!) Ok, ok, just kidding. It's just educational ;) Anyway, voila:
Happy Tuesday everyone! This is the *7th* Toetally Tuesday post and I won't lie I am a huge fan of white nails. So what if you can't wear white shirts and stuff right now? I'm a rule breaker, baby, so just hand over that white polish! ;) This is Orly White Out with Color Club Art Club stripers in black and red and Kiss Brush-On Nail Art paint in silver and silver glitter as the intersecting lines design. 

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