Thursday, January 13, 2011

To fauxnad or not to fauxnad?

Yesterday, Oh.So.Cuticle asked how I liked the BundleMonster plates so this post is an answer of sorts for you (and anyone else wondering the same thing). My opinion on konad v fauxnad is simple: why not? I'm a college kid on a *very* tight budget so $6.50 per image plate is a little steep. When I found BundleMonster's incredible deal on I was thrilled, 21 image plates for only $17.99?! 21 image plates! 21 konad image plates would have cost me $136.50 plus shipping. I was excited to say the least.

Now of course I have to admit something: before I bought my BM plates I read reviews like it was my job. Of course there were good and bad reviews. Some concerns people had were the sharp edges of the plates (which I haven't had a problem with) or that some "full nail" designs weren't big enough to cover some nails (which I have only had a problem with on my thumbs). My nails are usually pretty short (partially by choice/partially because I'm a waitress and always break my nails) so I haven't had a problem with covering the length of my nails. My problem is the width of my thumb nails. They tend to need to aligned stamps (which isn't really that tough to get right) 

I did buy the Konad brand scraper and double-ended stamper off amazon though but my scraper is metal so it scratches up the image plates. Of course they're only scratches and have no effect of the stamping capability but still, if you're looking to buy one I'd go with a plastic one. Here's the stamper and scraper (linked to amazon BTW because it's their picture):
Overall, I'm happy with my BundleMonster purchase, especially under the circumstances right now. There are of course some designs only featured by Konad (like plate M56 which I bought for my sister S as part of her Christmas presents). She loves bows so I thought it was appropriate. I have a list of actual Konad plates I'll be chipping away at that slowly over time. I liked BundleMonster so much because it let me dive right in to stamping and gave me so many options without me feeling like I was going broke over little silver discs. Wow, I totally sound like a salesperson for BundleMonster, lol, but seriously everything I'm saying is legit my opinion. Of course, as with any purchase, research and do what you'd like. If there's that one single Konad plate you can't live without--Konad it up! If you want options immediately for cheap (like I did)-- BM it up! Close-ups of the BM plates can be found here if you'd like to check them out further. Oh and of course feel free to check out any of my BM tagged posts to see examples of what you can do with the plates once you've got them!

Hope this helps at least a little bit!


  1. I have to agree with you I have the Konad a Bundle Monster plates and its a great deal. The one negative I do have on the BUndle monster plates is that some of the images arent etched deep enough so it make its a little difficult to pick up the full image. I recently bought 32 plates from a seller on ebay from hong kong they are the hexagonal plates and that has to be the best deal ever. The plates have alot of the same designs that konad has plus the mirror image for the other hand I paid like $11.50.

  2. What an amazing deal! I forgot how the BM plates don't mirror image (that's always bugged me). I'm going to track down those Hong Kong ones, they sound great! Do you remember more info?

  3. I've been using an old plastic membership card as a scraper and it works great (when I find time to stamp).

  4. What a great idea! Whatever works really :)

  5. Here the link to the plates on ebay.

    Or search on ebay: Lot 240 Designs Stamping Device Nail Art Metal Plate

    The shipping cost went up but its still a good deal 30 for $17. Just to let you know you will have to patient cuz it is going to take a week or 2 to receive it.


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