Designer Week - Chanel Monday

Hey everyone! Sorry about my recent hiatus, shockingly I didn't find the time to post! I did, however, find time to polish and I guess that's the most important part. Anyway, welcome to Designer Week! This is a week I've had in mind for a little while now and I decided after my brief break from posting that this week would be perfect. Now for this week I'll have 4 different manicures based on a designer (Toetally Tuesday will remain toetastic with/without a designer pedicure...haven't decided yet). Up first...a little bit a Chanel for Monday.
I tried to make the polish have that Chanel quilted look so I scraped across it with a needle. It kind of worked but I didn't exactly make the neatest lines....or the neatest "C"s, haha. For these I used China Glaze Liquid Leather and Orly White Out.

And, because who doesn't love little purses? ...some eye candy for you all:  


  1. Love Designer Week! And of course a little Chanel.

    It's up to you what you want to do for your birthday. Think about it and give me a price range. We can do extravagance or affordable luxury levels.

    Glad you can see my little home improvement ideas in my room. I was so excited when I saw that I had a comment too!

  2. I love this~ can't wait to see more. I will try my hand at this mani myself!

  3. LOVE the Chanel nails. Very creative!


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