Valentine's Day 2016

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
Hearts galore on my nails for today's hearts-tastic holiday. I painted these in a hurry using OPI My Address is Hollywood and stamping the heart design from my Winstonia Wedding Bliss plate in Art Deco black.

I had to get out my "Andrew Box" (the box I keep mementos and things from our relationship in -- you know, movie tickets, Chinese food fortunes, cards, etc) to track down the very first Valentine's Day card Andrew ever gave me. We weren't officially a couple until April 2010 so Valentine's Day 2010 was during our not-quite-a-couple-but-heading-there time. He found the most perfect card:
I agree with the card. I don't think Valentine's Day is or should be just for couples and romance. It should just be a day to celebrate the special people in your life. So I hope everyone has a wonderful day being indulgent and spoiling yourself and those who are special to you with sweet treats and happiness. I know I am!

If you're interested in checking out some of my other Valentine's Day nails check the ones I painted for 2011, 2013 (my favorite post), 2014, and 2015.

And because I'm obsessed with is what was on the menu at Chez Andrew & Nikki:

First up, drinks. For me, I had a muddled raspberry sprite (delicious) and Andrew just had a beer....

Then for the main course, steak & mushrooms with garlic compound butter and spinach....
and a side of red smashed potatoes with crumbled bacon....
And, for dessert, tiny mousse cups (milk chocolate mousse in a dark chocolate cup) with chocolate shavings and a raspberry for a little pizzaz....How cute are these?
And the drink of choice -- come on, you know me -- champagne with raspberries of course!
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


  1. happy valentine's day dear! this is the post i was waiting for from you. who cooked all these delicious things? i'm craving your raspberry drink! as for the card, it's so sweet that you keep and have a look to all of the things that remind you your past with him, but I honestly would have thought that he wanted to keep being only my friend if i received that card at that time. I think it's just my insecurities, I genuinely hate that "not-quite-a-couple-but-heading-there" time, cause I'm never sure what he feels and where he thinks we are going and what I'm allowed to let myself do, say, think, feel ect. well you guys have grown quite a lot as a couple since then and i toasting to you and what's ahead!

  2. Andrew and I pretty much both made everything except he was the grillmaster in charge of the steaks and I was in charge of piping the chocolate mousse into the chocolate cups. I also got to smash the potatoes because it was fun. Everything was delicious!!! As for the card, way back then I was dead set on not having a boyfriend for whatever reason so I was cool with just having him as a friend. Hence the sweet card :) The one for this year was equally perfect! Happy Valentines Day hun! Hope you had a nice day!

    1. I wanna see you guys as a couple participating to My Kitchen Rules!!!!

  3. Happy Valentines Day! That card is absolutely perfect and can I just say that the food you guys made together looks delicious!

  4. So cute. I love everything about this post. Your Plates are fab and the desserts look so yum.



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