Holor Ombre Stamped Design

Remember when I did the holo hombre last month?? I know Ghila does! Anyway, I liked it so much but I figured it would be too much color for work (all those holos grab a LOT of attention!) so I decided to lessen it's shock value with a stamped black design over top. Here's how it ended up looking:
 Love these! Might be a new favorite! I think this shot is a little more clear...
And then because it's holo I wanted to capture all different colors that you see in real life. So here's a blurry shot to show how gorgeous these holos are!
I have to go to court today for a case conference so these might still be a stretch but I'm willing to take that chance because....well I'm a rebel! Lol.


  1. That's gorgeous! You go, girl! :D

  2. i litterally love EVERYTHING about this post. another shout-out, wow! i'm honoured you honor! it's so nice how we get personal with one another in our posts. and yeah, of course i do remember your holo gradient genious and loved it. this partal cover up idea is so smart and i love how elegant and classy and high end this mani came out. silver-ish and black are always one of the best combos ever. but what i'm loving the feeling the most here is the part where you are a rebel! i'm right there with you my friend. oh, and btw, last night i dreamt you and i met.

  3. WOW!!! Gorgeous


  4. What a pretty stamping here! I like it a lot! =)


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