Monday, February 14, 2011

What is more dandy than hearts and candy?

Happy Valentine's day everyone! My manicure isn't all that spectacular since I've been busy studying for upcoming exams and what not but I hope you enjoy it anyway and I promise promise promise just as soon as I have time I'll do something special for my nails or a boatload of swatches or something to make up for all my five second posts. Today's is a stamped mani with a simple heart because what is more valentines-like than hearts? Well, I guess candy and flowers could be listed too. Oh don't worry, they aren't completely left out...I'm sitting here snacking on some truffles (yummmmmm!) my bf got me for Vday :D There just isn't any flowers or candy on the nails today. Here's a picture of my Valentine's day manicure:
I had to take a picture with my fingers straight because I stamped it facing me by accident. Oops! I used one of my new Zoyas (Dawn) as the base. It's a beautiful pink with perfect and easy application. I used Color Club Art Club in white and BundleMonster plate 09 for the heart design on my ring finger. 


  1. Cute design Nik. I like the base color a lot.

  2. So simple and sweet! Love the color too. Hope you had a great Valentine's Day!


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