Swatch: OPI What's With the Cattitude?

Hello everyone! You've heard me say this before....I'm a blue polish kind of gal. It's my favorite. And this polish is no exception. OPI What's With the Cattitude joined my collection six years ago as part of the Shrek Forever After collection and it is the most spectacular powder blue. It's definitely more a spring color but we don't worry about that here on The Files, we rock our polishes rain or shine, sun or snow, spring or fall, and summer or winter.. Ain't nobody got time to worry about "on trend" and "in season" polishes, you know??

This might be my new favorite blue. Only problem takes 3-5 coats to make it opaque. Bummer! Ain't nobody got time for that!!


  1. I love that color! :) Blue is also my favorite. It's a shame it takes so many coats to make it opaque though. :/

    1. I'm a huge fan! My blue drawer in my helmer is almost as full as my red/pink drawer :) Wayy too many coats for me though!

  2. Pretty Blue


  3. wow, this one is such an old beauty!!! but you're right, ain't nobody got time for that - 3-5 coats!! lol =))

  4. totally agreed girl! we ain't no trend slaves! spring type of colors are more fun when it's pouring outside! this celeste is so lovely! loving your nails shape as well.


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