Nails for Serious Shopping

I'm going shopping today with my sister, brother-in-law, and my boyfriend, for some clothes. Apparently we have all been running around naked because we all are desperately in need of some new clothes. For some of us *cough*me*cough* it might be because I gained a few pounds. For other *cough*Steph*cough* it might be because she's a major shopaholic and loves clothes. I always like shopping with my sister because I find the best things when she's there. Oddly enough though it also turns out I end up buying a lot and she ends up buying almost nothing. So we shall see what we find today! Can't wait to share if I find anything good. On my list of hopefuls is a gray suit, brown or kahki slacks for work, and a bunch of different shirts. Let's just say my "work wardrobe" is quite small because...well...I've been a student for about 20 most of my clothes are perfect for casually hanging out on weekends and "casual Friday" at work but the other four days of the work week need some major fashion intervention.

My shopping nails are these gradient nails. Perfectly peacock and heavily copied from my Peacock nails!


  1. Ooooo I love those! Hope you found something good while you were shopping! :)

  2. haha i love your coughs! these nails are so pretty and casual and i remember your peacock nails! hope you had fun shopping aaand...haul post pleeeeaaaseee!!! i'd like to know what of your list has been checked! any new work outfit plans? did your sis get to buy something this time? did the guys get super bored?

  3. I love peacock nails, in fact my first peacock design was the one that made me famous on social media ;)



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