Throwback Thursday: February

Yeah yeah I know it's almost Valentine's Day and of course that means pink PINK and more PINK. However, I was going through old photos in my blog folder found an adorable heart stamp design (from what seems to be a very long time ago) that never made it to the blog. The background looks like my old college desk...which means this design is about 4-7 years old! The heart design makes it perfect for Valentine's Day and so this photo is now my Throwback Thursday post for February. Only 3 more days until Vday!
I believe these colors are China Glaze For Audrey, Orly Blue Suede, and BundleMonster stamp BM212. For my recreation I used OPI What's With the Cattitude?, Zoya Natty, and BundleMonster BM212. This is what my 2016 recreation looks like:
I like the color choice of the original more than the colors I chose for the new design BUT my stamping has definitely improved! However, this OPI needs to have so many coats I didn't wait long enough....pardon the ring finger and pinky finger.

And this is the 34th post of 2016...which means I have officially tied the number of posts that I  did i the whole year of 2012. Yes that's right. I posted 34 times in the whole year during 2012. Sad!


  1. Love those blues! <3 I personally have been enjoying all the Valentine manis with non traditional colors...even though what I have on is red, white, and silver. *cough* c_c;

    1. Red, white, & silver is a classic combo! They are perfect, too! :)

  2. So the blues


  3. this looks so celtic, especially in the first pic. finally someone doing something really different!!!!


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