Designer Week: Prada (Toetally Tuesday)

Today's Designer Week inspiration is Prada. An interesting fact about Prada is that it first began by Mario Prada as an Italian leather bag manufacturer exclusively but became most famous for the success of his granddaughter Miuccia Prada and now has clothing as well. The products are all wayy over my price point BUT they are completely perfect for nail inspiration. To the tootsies!
And the Prada inspiration is this adorable leopard print and red accent briefcase. Just don't look at the price tag!


  1. That looks great! :) I've never actually looked at Prada before. I already tend to gravitate to the most expensive purses TJ Maxx sells; I don't want to start lusting after items that are that far out of my budget. ^^;

  2. the inspiration here is defenetly there and i LOVE the thumb nail design and color combo, makes me wanna try it on my hands. getting inspired by a purse is so creative and cute and the thumb nail really looks similar to it.


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