Swatch: Hybrid

Since I used it in my Funky Flowered French post I figured I'd do a swatch post of the color too. Of course if I had been thinking I would have posted the swatch then the design but eh whatever, we break the rules here! Hybrid is one of China Glaze's 6 Ecollection polishes from Spring, 2008 and to my surprise I realized I actually own all six: Unplugged, Shower Together, Solar Power, Tree Hugger, Recycle, and of course Hybrid. Swatches may be coming soon of the other polishes but for now it's just Hybrid.

This is a beige polish with a very faint pinkish tint and a bit of gold shimmer. I'll admit it's not a color I would normally be drawn to since I tend to favor the in-your-face attention-grabbing colors but I do think this a beautiful color in it's own muted, classy way. It was a welcomed addition to my collection a long time ago and I'm glad to have finally put it on my nails!


  1. This is an interesting color Nik. I can't decide if I like it or not.

    Anyways, I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award because you do swatches and styles.

  2. Thanks for having these up! I'm having a hard time finding swatches of this color!!


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