Happy New Year: Best Of 2017!

Welcome to 2018 blog friends and visitors! As always, it is time for my Top 10 manicures from the previous year. If you are new to my blog, here are the previous "Best Of" posts from 20162015201420132012, and 2011. But enough about those, let's get started with the Best Of 2017! 

2017 saw a notable decrease in nail photos and increase in general life posts but I still managed to rack up over 70 posts. Here are my top 10 favorite manicures:

10.   My One Love Manchester manicure from June completed during the Ariana Grande benefit performance for the victims of the Manchester bombing.

9. My sister's 30th Birthday Nails from October. 
8. My Frankenstein Nails from October.
7. My fierce and ferocious leopard manicure from my girls trip to Gettysburg in November. 
6. My. festive and colorful Summer Nails manicure from August. The colors together just make me smile.
5. My Candy Cane manicure from December. I love how crisp the white background looks with the red candy canes. 
4. My Bachelorette Bash manicure from August. Such a simple and easy-to-do design but it always looks so impressive.
3. My Sweater Weather Manicure from December. I just love the way sweater nails look and this photo came out so crisp and clean.

2. My St. Patrick's Day manicure from March. I really liked how each nail was different yet the look still went together. And how cute is that little three leaf clover?
And my favorite nail design of the year, and as it turns out the LAST post of 2017:
My New Years Eve 2017 manicure. I love champagne and I love how this design turned out. Perfect for sipping some champagne and ringing in the New Year!


  1. Happy New Year!!
    If I really have to pick a favorite I think I'll go for your number 2, St. Patrick's Day. After all, I love skittles so it was either that one or your Franksteins ;)

    1. Happy New year to you! Thank you for your kind words!


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