Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year: Best of 2016!

Hooray, we're moving into another year and I'm still blogging! It's time for one of my absolute favorite posts since I get to go back through my year here on the blog and select my top 10 favorite designs. This year I had a blog record of over 100 posts so it was very fun picking out the best ones. Previous Best Of posts were posted in 2015, 20142013, 2012, 2011,   Let's get started!

10. My Black and Yellow Toetally Tuesday mani/pedi combo posted in April. This was such a cheery and easy design. Definitely had to put it as one of my faves! It makes me smile just looking at it!
9. Colored leopard nails from our trip to the pottery painting place in January to complete one of my 101 in 1001 list items!
8. The pink and purple Easter Egg design from March.
7. The simple but oh-so-cute Candy corn manicure from October! These petite candy corn pieces were really simple to do but they looked so festive!
6. Monarch butterfly manicure from July. The gradient base of the accent nail was the best gradient I have ever managed to do. It went from blue to subtle green to yellow to orange to pink seamlessly.
5. The Gradient Peacock nails from January. This year was a great year for gradient nails here on The Files.
4. My holo hombre from February. Seriously. This holo was unbelievably gorgeous in the sunlight! I would just stare at my nails if light would hit them.
3. My Let it Snow manicure from January! Ok so, it might not have snowed a ton this past winter (or maybe it did) but these nails sure made me think of a snow day!
Nikki's Nail Files, Snowman Manicure
2.  My champagne bubbly manicure to celebrate last New Year's! Ok, these nails were actually posted on December 31, 2015, so maybe they can't be used in my 2016 Best Of but still, I loved this design and I think it deserves a place on this list! Hey, my blog, my rules!
And last but not least, my all time favorite nail design from 2016! These stunningly vibrant and spectacular water marble manicure that I did as part of my OPI Color Paints product review post! How beautiful are the colors?!


  1. Replies
    1. Happy New Year to you! I hope 2017 has started off well for you!

  2. Happy New Year! I really love the watermarble!

    1. Happy New Year dear! Thank you, it's definitely my favorite of the year and might even be my all time favorite. The vibrant color was just incredible.


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