This Past Weekend - Gettysburg

This past weekend ended up being a girls' weekend! Andrew couldn't join because he was traveling for work so my buddy, her wife, and I headed out to Gettysburg to meet our other college buddy. We set off on our road trip on Saturday morning but it started with a bit of unwelcome excitement first. I was on my way to pick up my friends when she called me telling me that they were rear-ended at a red light. And the guy drove away without stopping! WTF?! They were fine and the damage was minimal so I waited at their new house while they spoke with the cop and got all sorted. After that hiccup we were on our way as planned. I may have taken the delay as an opportunity to selfie and photograph my nails. I also noticed that my scarf and nails matched -- which was only somewhat intentional...
It's the little things! Anyway, we ended up getting there for lunch and we went for sushi at my buddy's go to place, which was delicious. I went with my standard avocado, cucumber, and salmon rolls. Yum!
Then we headed out to Gettysburg to walk around and see the battlefields. I haven't been there in years and my friend has never been so it was really fun, and it was such nice weather!
It was really neat and somewhat sad to learn about the history. But I have to say, I made a really really good tour guide while we were doing our own auto-tour.
After the auto tour we headed to the Gettysburg outlets to do some shopping. Then we headed back to  Gettysburg for a ghost the POURING rain. Oh my gosh, we were drenched by the end! So we returned to my friend's apartment, grabbed some quick take-out dinner, and had a game night. Overall, successful weekend I think.


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun :)
    Gettysburg looks beautiful so I'm going to add that to my places-I-want-to-visit-one-day list.

    1. Hi Joyce! Definitely worth an add to your list! It really is beautiful and the little town is great too. I was bummed it rained because I couldn't get any photos from the ghost tour.


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