Wishlist Wednesday: Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is...

With Christmas fast approaching I've been tasked by my mother with coming up with a few ideas for presents I would like to receive from "Santa" this year. While there is honestly nothing that woul dbe appreciated more than some generous cold hard student-loan-payment cash, there are a couple items that I've had my eye on. Nothing crazy like my November Wishlist Wednesday but a few items that I would really love. Dear Santa, if the elves must spoil me perhaps these...

A Mortar and Pestle.
Andrew and I love to cook anything and everything. We frequently cook meals together and so we've been amassing quite a few new kitchen gadgets along our culinary adventures. Recently, we tackled a pumpkin cheesecake recipe that required us to grind whole cloves...a difficult feat when you don't have a mortar and pestle to use! Because we cook so often I'm thinking it's worth the investment to finally get a mortar and pestle for grinding spices and making quacamole (my fave!). I really like this option that I found on Amazon for only $10.99. It's the 4.5 inch Greenco Marble Mortar and Pestle in white/gray. It looks clean and it's small enough that I don't feel guilty adding it to our already overstocked kitchen cabinets.

A Wide Angle/Macro lens.
I've also been researching new lenses for my camera and I really like the macro capability of this lens (good for the blog photos right?) and the look of wide angle photos (for regular life picture taking). So this 52 millimeter 0.43x Altura Photo Professional HD Wide Angle Lens (w/ macro Portion) for only $29.99 is the perfect tester. If I really like I could invest in a better macro lens when I can afford one and give this to my sister, who just recently purchased a DSLR before her honeymoon.
A Wireless Adapter.
Pretty much all my wishlist items are camera related, haha. I researched this Nikon WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter for $39.99. It's a really cool attachment that allows the photos you take to wirelessly upload to your phone/tablet automatically. It also lets you use your phone to view the photo and activate the actual shutter (so you can actually see the photo before you take it even though the camera may be propped up across the room!). I love to post my nails on Instagram but I really only like the photos taken by my DSLR so I can't easily upload. I have to plug the SD card into my computer and then email the photo so I can access it from my phone and then post from the phone. Quite the process! :( This makes it easier.

A Shutter Remote.
If the wireless adapter isn't an option I would love this very simple option instead. It's a less expensive Foto&Tech FTML-L3 Wireless Shutter Remote that is only $9.99 and still lets you activate the shutter from across the room. You can't use your camera to preview the photo and the photos you take won't upload to your phone/tablet though because it doesn't have that capability. This is small though and doesn't have to be plugged into the camera so it sticks out awkwardly. This can just get thrown in my camera bag and pulled out when needed. It's also easier to hide this remote than a giant cell phone in the pictures taken.

A Flexible Tripod.
I'm also interested in the Vidpro GP-24 Gripster III Flexible Digital SLR Camera Tripod. This is a cheap but great option because it's only $9.58 and it has flexible legs so you can wrap it around things to secure the tripod. You also can accommodate any type of angle or hill the tripod might be set on. Can you say great deal?!

A New Planner.
I am a girl who loves planning. I plan and scribble notes constantly and I can't imagine entering a year without a planner to keep track of everything in my life. Last year, I invested in an Erin Condren Life Planner (remember my planner review post from last October) but I'm not sure I want to invest $mucho$dinero$ in a planner again this year. The EC is really steep and despite the custom coloring and various cover options, I think I would like this adorable Sugar Paper Planner from Target instead. It does the same job as the Erin Condren, you can still use stickers and stuff in it if you want, and how adorable is the black/white/gold? Clearly, I'm loving those colors right now...hence my new blog banner! Plus, this planner is more transportable because it's smaller and it's only $9.99 so it definitely beats the $50+ pricetag of Erin Condren life planners. I'll leave the EC life planners for the chic college students and busy moms!

So, what are you hoping Santa spoils you with this year??

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