Product Review: Resistance Fitness Bands

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Hey everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas/Holiday and spent time relaxing, opening presents, giving presents, eating delicious food, painting your nails, and doing what you love. For me, I love working out and I was recently offered a chance to try out the 12x3 Resistance Loop Bands courtesy of Fitness Answered Training Products. While I was given these bands for free, my opinions are entirely my own. Anyway, I used resistance bands ALL THE TIME when I was a gymnast and I was so excited to add these to my workout regimen. The pack comes with 5 fitness bands: Light (green), Medium (blue), Heavy (red), X-Heavy (black), and XX-heavy (orange). They retail on Amazon for only $14.99 for all five bands. 
Each band increases the resistance so if you want to go hard use the XX-Heavy and if you want light resistance go with light. The pack allows you to really customize what kind of workout you want. Here is a macro shot so you can see the difference beweteen the resistance potential of the light band (green) and the XX-Heavy band (orange):
Yeah, there's a definite difference in resistance there!
The bands are really high quality, durable, and are super easy to clean and care for. They are rubbery so I just wipe them down with a damp rag and some soap (like I do for my yoga mat). The bands even come with a handy storage bag for added convenience. You can keep all the bands together neatly in one place. I will say though if you throw away the plastic that each band comes in you may have some difficulty getting the bands in the storage bag. 
Resistance bands are so  common in fitness. They can be used in yoga, crossfit, as a barbell weight replacement, pilates, stretching, relaxing tension, and, if you are familiar with P90X you've already seen them! They're also perfect for post-op rehabilitation (so if you've had ACL or knee surgery). These particular bands are for yoga and I have to say I do love using them for added resistance in my practice but you can really use these bands however you want. If you don't have a gym membership, no problem! These bands can add so much to your at home workout without the need for storage of bulky equipment. The bands are obviously super flexible so you can stow them easily in your gym bag, your car, your work bag, or even your purse. They fold down to almost nothing and can fit almost anywhere.
This little pouch is as big as my hand and I use it for lip balm. It had no problem accommodating the XX-Heavy band rolled up. See, really transportable!

So what do you do with a resistance band? I knew a few yoga/stretching movements from my gymnastics days but if you're completely new to resistance band training I would suggest checking google and youtube for some examples of how to efficiently work with resistance bands. I think this this was a good video for some example exercises and it had many that I do with mine!

Obviously with any fitness related item, check with your health care/medical provider before starting something new. Also, be careful when using the bands! Don't snap it toward your pretty face!

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