101 in 1001: #2 Complete My First Cross Stitch Stocking

Today's post is a completion of an item on my 101 in 1001 List: completing my very first cross stitch stocking! Here's a bit of background: everyone in my family has a beautiful handmade cross stitch stocking that says our name on it....well, everyone except my little brother. He has a store bought one that looks really lame compared the rest of ours hanging on the banister. During law school, I decided that I would try to make him one because he started hinting that it bothered him how he was the only one without a stocking like ours. He's not one to complain so I ordered this Dimensions Needlecrafts cross stitch kit off Amazon for $19.34 on January 1, 2014 in order to make him one. It may have taken almost 2 years for me to finish it but I successfully completed it as a Christmas gift this year. Here is the finished product!
Voila, I added a bow and called it a day. For more photos, keep reading!

When I first started I worked on the snowman and broom first:
It took almost exactly 2 years for me to finish the stitching. (Spoiler alert: I don't think those nails ever made it onto the blog here because I didn't like them.) Here is a photo before I started all the finishing edging and stuff (like the red detail on the snowman's scarf and the outlining on all the little creatures):

Then I went with my parents to pick out the fabric for the backing. My mom has made all of our childhood Halloween costumes and random holiday dresses so she was a pro on how to do the stocking. The kit already came with the fluffy lining so I only needed to get fabric. I cut to size, pinned it in place (ok my mom pinned it), and it was ready to be sewn into a stocking form. Shout out to my fantastic mom for staying up late to help me finish the stocking (and for doing the actual sewing because I have no clue what I'm doing).
Here is a before and after shot for the sewing:
And here is a comparison of my stocking (brought to you in 1990 or so) and my brother's new personalized stocking:
And one last time, the finished product ready to be hung with the rest of our family stockings!
So I can officially check this off my 101 in 1001 list (and my bucket list I think!). Now I have two more stockings on the way for Andrew and I. I didn't have a stocking for our apartment this year and I made him a quick crocheted one as a placeholder. I figure I'll have the others done in about 4 years, lol. I also have a Beauty and the Beast project requested by my sister. Oy vey, so much needlework! When will I ever have time to paint my nails?? Just kidding!

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