Poppin' Bottles with Formula X

Alright everyone, at the risk of repeating myself here are a couple things I love:
(1) nail polish 
(2) champagne. 

Surprise right?? So when I was walking through Sephora inside JC Penny with my mom and sister before Christmas my jaw nearly hit the floor when my sister pointed out this Bottle Service Nail Polish Set by Formula X. I mean, how could I resist?! A set of new fabulous polishes packaged in a faux champagne bottle? It was fate. I enlisted Andrew's help to go back to Sephora and get my own bottle o'polish to pop. I have to say, cheers to your Formula X, great packaging! How cute is this bottle? Today's post is going to be a quick overview of all the Bottle Service nail polishes and of course I wanted to show off how cute the package was. Alright, let's pop the cork on this post!

The set comes with a total of 10 mini polishes (all Big 3 and Cruelty Free BTW). They are: X <3 Rouge, Glitz, Dark Matter, Luxe, Spiked, Uncorked, Ignite, Thrilling, Intensity, and On the Rocks. Some are exclusive to the Bottle Service set and others are classic Formula X colors. The shades vary from traditional red to gray to champagne gold to black and the finishes include cream, shimmer, metallic, and glitter. Yes, you really get it all in this one package. The only thing I'll say about the variety of colors is that if you have an extensive polish collection then you probably already have many of these types of colors. Of course if you have that many polishes you're a hoarder like me and are always happy to have more polish!
As you will see from my brief swatches, the bottles are incredibly true to color. 

First is X <3 Rouge, a traditional fire engine red that is perfect for the holidays.

Dark Matter, a striking black polish. I can't wait to see how this stamps!

Luxe, a silver-white shimmer polish. Sounds as luxurious as it is!

Spiked. The website calls this a mink bisque whatever that means. For those of us non-color wheel aficionados let's just say this color is a really pretty tan nude/brown. I think this is might be the perfect polish for leopard print that I've been looking for.

Uncorked. This is a metallic bronze polish. Again, perfect for a champagne bottle package, right??

Ignite. A "smoking red"...aka a darker red than X <3 Rouge.

Thrilling. A cloudy-grey color.

Intensity, a pale pink that is super pretty both in the bottle and on the nail.

On the Rocks. This polish is a really tough one to capture in photos. It's a really dark brown but then in the light you get this really pretty bronze shimmer.
The only one I didn't swatch was Glitz because I'm going to use that in my NYE design. It's a gold glitter. So what do you think about this set? Any colors jump out at you or are you just feeling so so about the colors?


  1. the packaging and idea are so fun and nail polish "palettes" are always a goodie...never had one personally but celebrity youtuber Cutepolish talks about Formula X ALL the time!! do you think it's worth the fame? silver, gold, spiked and on the rocks look really nice! happy new year hun!! :)

    1. I really liked the 10 Formula X polishes I tried. The pigmentation is great and the formula/application was smooth. I'm looking at their options for other polishes now :) I think they're great! Happy New Year to you as well! I just finished my NYE manicure -- will be posted tomorrow!

  2. Wow. Luck you. Love the champagne packaging. very interesting. I see lots of lovely shade.I just owe one color from Formula X. I not available here. One of the sister friend send it from abroad :) Happy New Year to you :D

    1. Isn't the packaging great?! I love it! Oh no, that's a bummer that Formula X isn't available easily for you :( They're great polishes. Happy New Year!


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