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Two posts in one day what?! I guess that's one good thing about job searching...more free time than a 40 hour/week job. So hello for the second time friends! What brings me to post again today? Well, I recently received the Cel-Lab Fit Clip Activity Tracker to review and I wanted to share it here on the blog in case any of you are considering purchasing an activity tracker for yourself or another this holiday season.

Fitness and activity trackers are really super popular these days (most of my family now have Fitbits that they wear and I have had my chunky Garmin Forerunner running watch for years). So what does it do? Naturally, it tracks your daily activity! The Cel-Lab Fit Clip Activity Tacker retails for $23.99 and acts as a pedometer, calorie counter, distance tracker, and even a sleep tracker....all in one convenient tiny package! The face of the tracker glows blue and you can read all the information super easily and quickly. To activate the sleep tracking function you just hold down the single black button for about 5 seconds and you'll see the face change. Overall, it's really easy to use. Here are the various tracking stats when I first turned it on:
So that is what the tracker itself looks like. Now here is what the product packaging looks like:
You can tell it's pretty small -- probably only about 3 or 4 inches long and only about 1.5 to 2 wide -- so it's a really convenient size. Inside the package are the following: one activity tracking clip, one USB charging cable, and a black soft sleeve (I'll talk about that later). Here is a photo of the products:
The USB plugs into your computer (I plugged it into both my Mac and my PC and it charged no problem). You simply plug the USB into your compuer, clip the tracker over the large end of the USB cable, and voila the battery bar shows up on the face of the tracker so you can tell when it's done. Additionally, one charge can last up to 7 you're not constantly charging!
Here's where it gets interesting. This Activity Tracker actually comes with software that you can use to track your long-term activity. Note: You do NOT have to use the computer software if you just want to look at the end of each day and leave it at that. I'm a sucker for long-term tracking though so I was excited that the software allowed for all kinds of graphs to track your progress in more detail. The homescreen looks like this:
You have to first put in some info (weight, height, sex, etc) in your settings and then you can explore your activity, your sleep, and your history and progress. You can set an individual daily step goal (I went with 5000 steps because that is roughly 5 miles) and monitor your percentage completed on your tracker. It also keeps track of your active time.

Now for how you wear it. As I mentioned the actual unit is a clip itself, so you won't be finding yourself working with any type of strings/ties/rubber connectors/plastic connectors/etc. This makes it SO easy to clip on your clothing (or wherever) even when you're in a rush. Also, you don't even need to clip it to your clothing. You can slip in your pocket, slide it in your purse, hide it under your beanie, whatever you can think of. As long as it's on you when you're moving it will keep track of your steps. The tracker can be flaunted with pride (you know, if you want everyone to see you getting your pedometer tracking on!) or concealed discretely (if you clip it to an undergarment or slip it in a pocket). The tracker also comes with a band...which I used to strap the pedometer to my ankle while I was just vegging around the apartment. The band looks like this and attaches with velcro so it's one size fits most:
So how do I wear my activity tracker?  Today I went for a walk so I decided to keep it on my waistband but you can also clip it to your sweater/top/jacket. I also tried the clip on my shoes too. And then when I was just relaxing on my couch I had it strapped to my ankle (oddly comfortable by the way and I forgot it was there).
Now, no pedometer will be 100% accurate. I view trackers as just giving me an idea of how much I move and also just making me more conscious that I should be keeping active. If you count steps in your head or use two different devices to measure your distance you will most likely find that the readings vary. I personally am okay with that because I just use for a general tracking of movement. I don't need to know that I actually moved 7282 steps even though my tracker reads 7300. That being said, I think this pedometer is pretty accurate when I compared it to my phone reading.

This tracker could be a great gift idea for YOURSELF if you want to keep track of your movement throughout the day, you kids if they are really active, your parents if you want them to maybe think about taking walks/becoming more active, or really anyone in your life. Who doesn't want to set goals and see themselves meeting them?!

The tracker retails for $23.99 so I think it's such a great deal compared to more expensive alternatives that do the same job (FitClip I'm looking at you!). I also think it's more accurate than the super cheap options that will break in five seconds. This tracker is also sweat and water resistant so don't worry about moisture. Lastly, whether you're a gym bouncing bunny who does insane workouts OR a leisurely daily stroll-taker, you will definitely find yourself enjoying this Activity Tracker.

I was provided this product for a very discounted price in return for my honest opinion and review. Rest assured, my opinions were not influenced in any way.

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