Tuesday, December 8, 2015

31 Week Nail Art Challenge - Week 29: Inspired by the Supernatural

This nail art is sort of a lame cop out for today's prompt in the 31 Week Nail Art Challenge. I didn't have any other ideas for the supernatural so I just used stamps of ghosts. What do you think?
I know I know, not very original. You just saw ghosts stamps here on The Files not too long ago in one of my Halloween designs....but I tried to do something a bit different for today. I painted China Glaze Peachy Keen as a base and then stamped the double helix (is that a good way of putting it?) in Zoya Shawn off BundleMonster plate 203. Then I added the ghost BundleMonster stamp in black on the top from BM223. So supernatural, right?!

Next up: nails inspired by a tutorial!


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