Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween Pumpkin Adventures

As you know from my last post, BF and I were planning to carve pumpkins to get into the Halloween spirit. It's hard to believe that it's already October 29th! Before I reveal the design I chose, let's start at the beginning shall we?? A couple weeks ago we went to a nearby farm that had apple picking, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, etc for a little weekend fun. The apple orchard was huge and included Pink Ladies, Red Delicious, Golden Crisp (?), Granny Smith, and a few other apple varieties you could choose from. And before anyone says "hey, Nikki, why didn't you just go buy apples from Wegmans?" the answer is: It's fun! (and it's a better deal as it turns out). Anyway, since BF doesn't eat apples (basically he sticks to meat, cheese, bread, rice, pasta, and dessert only! He's a health nut alright. Jk), we only wanted to pick a couple apples. How many apples can one person eat, ya know? Here are some photos of our apple picking adventure:
How gorgeous is that blue sky? It was the perfect fall day to get outside and pick some apples and pumpkins. The orchards were still well stocked even though I think it's considered late in the season for apple picking and there was a fantastic selection of Pink Lady apples (my new favorite). Andrew even caught me munching on one while we walked through the aisles:
I attractive, am I right? Ha, oh well, I'll have to be more on guard next time! And then we took a posed one in the center of the orchard:
I know it looks mirrored but the orchard was really that long! It was nice to just walk around even when we were done picking apples. But then it was time to get back on the hayride and head to the pumpkin patches:
I love the farmer tractor pulling it. I wonder if they're hiring tractor drivers?! The pumpkin patch was also fairly large (though less impressive than the orchards) and BF and I considered so many pumpkins before deciding on THE PERFECT PUMPKINS.
It got intense, haha. We would line up our choices and then choose the two we fancied. Here you can basically read BF's thoughts -- probably going something like hmm, all three are so nice! How will we pick?! 

Yesterday we set out to carve these beauties into our chosen designs. I chose to go with Tinkerbell and some fairy dust and the BF decided on a creepy crawly spider. So at least one of us did something that would be considered Halloween appropriate. Step 1 was to tape the designs to the pumpkins and outline it with pins. I don't know the proper pumpkin carving technique but that's how we do it. After pinning the design, I used the tiniest pumpkin carving saw to get the details just right. Her hands and dress was a tad stressful. I don't know how BF did it with all those tiny chunks he had to cut out.
 And here is the result of our hard work!
I think Tinkerbell turned out pretty well! And you can *almost* clearly see her fairy dust.
Did you carve pumpkins or go apple picking this year?? If so, tell me about it in a comment below!


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