Swatch: Avon Strawberry

Another Parade of Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Action Month post today. This time I really dug deep in my collection for stunning and simple pink that came from non other than AVON. My mom used to sell Avon when I was younger so we could always expect stocking stuffers and random little gifts from Avon, especially nail polish and bath products, and I have a bunch of nail polishes that I should probably use more often. This one is from the Avon Speed Dry+ collection in Strawberry (or if you're French..."Fraises"). Strawberry is a creme polish that dries in less than 30 seconds!! Wahoo thank you Speed Dry+! No more thirty minutes chillin not using your hands because you feel like the slightest contact would wreak havoc on the tips of your digits! According to the Avon website, this formula includes volcanic rock too, which is pretty cool, and retails for $6 (but is on sale for $3.49). These polishes are also Big Three free which I know my more chemically conscientious readers like myself will appreciate. The first polish is under natural light with no flash:

Lastly, Breast Cancer fight fact: The risk of breast cancer can be reduced by up to 18% by doing as little as two and a half hours per week of brisk walking. That doesn't seem like much exercise at all!

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