Swatch: Second-Hand Silk

Today's post is the first of my Parade of Pink in honor of October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I chose one of the colors I used in my Always Aware manicure from October 2010. Yes, five years ago. Anyway, I decided to only do simple swatch posts for this October because after some research I learned that the Breast Cancer pink ribbon image is used to confuse consumers into thinking that products support breast cancer but in reality are just products sold by a corporation during October to benefit their button line. For this reason, no ribbons here this year. However, I couldn't let go of the pink color because really what other color would I use?? For today's swatch I've got China Glaze Second-Hand Silk, a gorgeous pastel-ish pink creme polish. Seriously if you have no other pink nail polish in your collection GET THIS ONE!

And today's BCAM fact:
Do your research and do what you can to support the fight against Breast Cancer (or any cancer).

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