Swatch: Ruby Wing Peony

I honestly have no idea where on earth the polish I used today came from or how I came by it to add it to my collection of over 350 nail polishes. Quite literally I had to google the brand to see if it was an old or new brand. I may have found a new obsession! Ruby Wing nail polishes, most famous for their color changing nail polish, is a vegan brand in New York City that is completely non-toxic, never animal tested, and environmentally safe. Also, this brand must have known what I was doing with my Parade for Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Action month because Ruby Wing works with the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. Yes, I know this isn't breast cancer research but ANY cancer fight support is wonderful and I was ecstatic to see they work with a cancer research fund. Now onto the polish:
I chose Ruby Wing in Peony, a neon (?) peach that changes in sunlight to deeper fuschia-y pink. I only put 2 coats on but I think it needed a third coat in order to be fully opaque -- there are a few streaks that were more noticeable in the photo than on the nail itself. I failed to capture a photo of the "outdoor" pink so all of these are of the "indoor" color. How gorgeous is it?? This first photo is inside with flash:
 Inside without flash:
Inside with flash:

 Inside without flash:
You can really see the difference in the neon when you have flash versus natural light. This polish might become my new go to!

Breast Cancer Fight fact of the day: It is projected that if every woman over 50 years old had her yearly mammogram, breast cancer deaths for women over 50 could drop by 25% or more!


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