Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wishlist Wednesday: October Edition

I wanted to do a post about some things that are on my wishlist right now because I am just a shopaholic right now and there is no shortage of things that I would LOVE to buy. However, because I'm not working right now (UGH JOB SEARCH!) I have to seriously stop the spending or else my student loan payments will NOT be getting paid! Anyway, these are things currently on my wishlist.

These are my new obsession right now in pants. I've gained a bit of weight (a lot of weight) and so I've been slowly replacing things in my closet and of course I need pants! These are the Mid-rise Rockstar Sateen Jeans from Old Navy. I can't even chose a color--I seriously MUST have them all. How gorgeous is the deep purple? You can't go wrong with khaki or army green! And of course the dusty pink is just girly and fantastic.They're $36.94 but Old Navy usually has them on sale for $34.50. I'm not sure what "sateen" means because they're basically a comfy jean-ish soft material (so don't be confused into thinking these are dress pants). The deep purple color is actually named "Get Figgy With It" how amazing is that? Well done Old Navy! Before you order always google for coupon codes and see if Old Navy is running a sale. I feel like there's ALWAYS a sale going on there. $25 outerwear anyone??

Speaking of outerwear, my next wishlist item is this Old Navy Wool-Blend Peacoat in the color Creme Caramel. I bought a gorgeous mint green version of this coat last year from Old Navy (for $25!) and it held up really well and was pretty warm (especially with a sweater underneath) so I think adding a caramel color to my coat collection is necessary. Bonus points, it will look great with any of the rockstar pants I just talked about! The coat is sold at Old Navy for $59.94 but you have to watch because Old Navy is always always always doing sales. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for another $25 sale this year so I can scoop this baby up! This and the green rockstar pants would be a perfect Thanksgiving outfit, no?? Very autumn and cozy.
I'm also drooling over this Delta ring from Swarovski. At $149 it's a tad more than I'd want to spend on a random ring but it is really pretty. The set comes with all three so you get your gold, silver, and rose gold all at the same time and you can wear them all at once or one at a time.  I'm not sure I would really buy this but I do think it's pretty and I like the design.

And lastly, I would love love love to purchase a macro lens for the Nikon. I use the macro setting on my camera right now but I think having a designated macro lens would be even better. As you know I'm an amateur photog so I'm learning how to get the best photos. If you're interested in seeing some awful pictures go back and check out the first 2-3 years of this blog! 

There you have it, my current wishlist items. Maybe I'll make this a series or something that I can post monthly (or weekly because I have a shopping problem). Is there anything you're currently wishing for? Let me know in the comments below!

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