Monday, March 31, 2014

Color Smash

Have you ever painted your nails to finish them, look at them, and realize that you've used colors that just don't seem to get along? That sort of happened to me today when I painted these little lovelies. I'm on a serious polka dot binge right now (but that's never a problem) and I can't get enough of it! There's so much you can do with such a simple design how could you not expect me to go crazy with my colors?!
So, what do you think? 
Do these colors go hand in hand or should I keep them in separate Helmer drawers?

P.S. In case you noticed (or didn't notice), I did change the little square "Celebrate National Nail Polish Day" photo in the top left corner today. After talking to another lovely blogger, I realized that I had confined my celebration to America (oops!). One of my favorite things about this blog is how many international pals visit my blog and of course I want to include them in my celebration of all things mani. More info about the International Nail Polish Day will be coming up but it's really more of a no-rules, do-anything-you-like thing that I'm hoping more than just I will participate in. Message me if you have specific questions but really it's just all about sharing our nail polish habit and enjoyment.


  1. I think the colours go well together! :-)

  2. Oh lovely lovely Nikki! You just put a smile on my face in a moment I was feeling moody! Thank you so so much for changing your banner and including us strangers to your amazing idea! I didn't mean to put some pressure on you! I will immediately change the banner in my blog too. Well, as far as I can see your nails are getting loger and you have squared them, and I think that they look so much prittier this way. I can totally relate to your polka dots moment and to you desire to make some clea swatches with just a little bit of something on them. As for the colors, well, first of all I'd suggest that you'd be casual enough to just don't care and put whatever colors you please and enjoy in your manis. I really like the base color and I'd love to see the bottle or a sunny close-up to one nail. I also think that lovely bright yellow really stands out on it, just the lilac color, I love it, but I'm not sure it goes well with the base. Oh well, I'm not the queen of matching though, so I'm not the one to judge and I really don't care cause I like all 3 colors and I love some random colorfull mess! I hope you kept this look on and rocked it with pride, and didn't take it off immediately just for a little shades doubt!

  3. Thank you ladies!! And Ghila, I definitely AM rocking this mani! My posts usually (99% of the time) reflect the current state of my nails! I just love it :) I have been known to put colors that don't go together because that's what I'm feeling that day. Unfortunately, I have to take these off later tonight to ready my nails for one of my best college buddy's birthdays! But I have some more polka dot goodness planned for upcoming posts. This is usually the point at which I cut my nails down because I start to mistype things on my computer, haha, but I think I might let them keep growing :) I do have to do some maintenance though because I broke the left corner off my thumb!


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