Thursday, January 15, 2015

31 Week Nail Art Challenge: Weeks 11 through 16

Phew, now that I was able to restart my blogging after quite a long's time to catch up on my 31 Week Nail Art Challenge!! As you may remember, I had left off my 31 Week Nail Art Challenge back on Week 10 (Gradient). That means I have to catch all the way up to where I'm supposed to be....which is Week 21 Inspired by a Color. Yikes! That's 12 manicures but I'm going to include a bunch in each post for a bit in order to catch up ASAP. Starting us off with this post, which includes Weeks 11 through 16.
First is Week 11: Polka Dot. You know how often I do polka dots in my designs. They're quick and easy and they always look nice. I decided to do a minimalist polka dot design and it turned out like this. Yes, because I'm obsessed with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel line I used both of the new polishes, B Girl and Hydro Electric. They go together really well and I had them on my desk. Easy peasy!
Next, is Week 12: Stripes. Not a huge fan of this because I kind of feel like it's boring. Again, I used Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in B Girl and Hydro Electric. What can I say? They were on my desk and I'm lazy! I also used a few stripers that I had from Color Club Art Club to add just a tiny but more blue. Obviously the manicure needed more blue right?
For Week 13: Animal Print, I'm not quite sure if I really pulled it off. I wanted to try to recreate one of my favorite designs from last year where I used a pale purple base with a purple holo animal print but this one just kind of came out BLEH. Does is look animal print-y to you?
Week 14: Flowers gave me a run for my money.  Who knew flowers could be hard. I wanted to use a bunch of different colors because I hadn't used many colors for my previous manicures and flowers are typically not least not usually. This is what I came up with for Flowers week:
Week 15: Delicate. I had no idea what exactly "delicate" means for a manicure. Lace? French? Pale colors? Pastels? I'm going to go with this manicure that I found in my files from November.
Week 16: Tribal. I'm also reusing a manicure from the vault that fit this too perfectly. I don't think I could have topped this tribal manicure even if I tried!

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  1. these looks are all STUNNING! oh my god you improved SO much girl! week 11 is so you, week 13 is flawless, week 14 i adore it, just my style, will have to copy it lol, week 16 is amazing, so fun and colorful, so well made, great finish, I'm always scared to try this style for it looks to hard to do for me.


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