Thursday, March 20, 2014

Evil Eye BundleMonster

When I was painting my nails today I wanted to pull out my Konad and BundleMonster plates and use some gorgeous spring-time blues. At first I just wanted to use this stamp design because I thought it looked cool and intense but then I realized the design sort of looks like the evil eye. I have an evil eye bracelet that I wear so I wanted to incorporate the bracelet into a photo for the blog. I really don't use many props in my blog photos so I figured why not. 

For the manicure, I painted all my nails China Glaze Highlight of My Summer and then stamped BundleMonster BM-223 in Orly Blue Suede (last seen here and here). 

Thanks for looking!


  1. I love the you remind us of old posts when you did similar things. for a new follower as I am it is nice to discover older stuff about your blogging. I am surprised that you call it evil eye: I've always known that this is the Allah's Eye, and it is from the muslim tradition and also of many other countries such as Turkey to Greece ect, and it basically brings good luck and protects from bad things. Anyhow, I love this symbol too and I have a few jewelery with it from some trips around, I think this mani reminds of it too and I love the base color you've used. I don't use to use items in my pics either, but I like that you did and would enjoy more. What are you studying in the big notebook I can spy in the pics?

  2. Yes! That's exactly what I'm talking about. My mom taught my sister and I about the Evil Eye as a Greece thing (she's Italian though, not Greek) that protects against evil spirits and harm coming from others in an "evil look." I saw it again when I worked at a Greek diner...where they loved my bracelet.

    I'm in law school so the book in my photo is my Administrative Law notebook. Yes, it's about as thrilling as it sounds (can you sense my sarcasm?) It's really not that bad. It's all about how agencies function make laws and determine conflicts.

  3. This looks amazing! Very nice :-)

    Oh my Law is one of these tough subjects! What do you intend to do once you've finished your studies?

    1. Right now I'm doing criminal defense work and veterans law/benefits but this summer (and perhaps after graduation) I'll be doing insurance defense. Ultimately, I would really love to get involved in property law (commercial real estate development, renting, sale, etc) so I'm keeping my fingers crossed I find a job in that area of the law :)

  4. Very beautiful! Great post and nice blog you have, keep posted!


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