Swatch: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Hydro Electric - A Colorado Surprise! Part 1

While I was spending my week in Colorado after finals my nails were becoming increasingly chipped and I was becoming increasingly annoyed at their appearance. Enter target run with my boyfriend for emergency supplies. We were strolling along the nail polish choices and suddenly I located the Sally Hansen display. I had heard of her new "no light" Miracle Gel polish line but I had never stopped to pick any polishes up to try. This was partially due to my lack of funds and partially due to my lack of time. They're a bit steeply priced at about $8 USD per bottle but I was desperate for my nails to come back to their glorious nicely-polished-sans-chips condition and these polishes claimed a manicure that lasted "up to 14 days*" so I mustered up the mental energy and bought three -- er, two because I bought the top coat, too, and that doesn't count. I am so glad I purchased these babies! I bought two polishes and the gel top coat, which comes in a black bottle and is the super magnificient magic in a bottle that made this polish stay on my nails for a whopping 8 days without any major chipping! I know that's not the "up to 14 days" that the advertising claims but for me 8 days is UNHEARD OF. For real, it's a big deal. I'm sure you can relate (unless you have acrylic nails in which case you'd be sitting there like girrrrl I get my nails done and they last for WEEKS).

So anyway, I bought 340 Hydroelectric and 240 B Girl:
Both are absolutely stunning shades of blue. In the picture to the right Hydroelectric is on the right and B Girl is on the left. Also, loving my new camera....check out that photo quality! Finally my photos don't look like I caught my nails as they were running by a train window in the middle of the night.

I seriously am obsessed with this product line right now. Seriously. I might just have to buy them all. I will say that one minor thing was that it was a little difficult to get even coverage but with enough coats (and this dries shockingly quickly by the way) then you get a nice smooth even surface. Also, be SURE to hold off putting the top coat on for a little bit just because otherwise you could get some color transfer from your nails to the top coat brush....and we wouldn't want that to happen! I will swatch B Girl tomorrow or the next day when I have a moment but for now, feast your eyes on Hydro Electric:
 This photo is not photoshopped at all. It's literally that glassy and beautiful.

Gorgeous! Have any of you guys tried out the Miracle Gel polishes? Could you get it to last 14 days? Let me know which ones you have and how long they stayed chip-free in the comments below!

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  1. so you went with the gel huh? the finish here is fantastic and i love this color and how it is perfect for you!


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