Swatch: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel B Girl - Colorado Surprise Part 2

As promised, today's post is the second polish that I snatched up in Colorado to save a dreadfully chipping manicure: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in B Girl. I know I was uber-pleased with the first polish and so excited to share it with you but this one is leaving a little to be desired. The polish is a tad streaky as you will see in the photos and it definitely didn't go on as nicely as the other. I know that streakiness is a common problem for any lighter colored shade but it's always annoying to have to keep putting layer after layer just to get good coverage. Anyway, here is the powder blue B Girl. Please excuse the streakiness....this was after 2 or 3 coats and I was running out of time!

Is there a polish you love but that has a huge streakiness problem? 
Comment below to let me know!

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  1. your nails look great in these pics and the shade is lovely, just like you, looks great on you.


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