Friday, February 21, 2014

Fancy Fingers Holo Zebra

Today's post is quick and simple, a holo zebra stamping post in purple. The base is Zoya Julie and the zebra stamp is BundleMonster Plate 223 in Color Club Eternal Beauty. I love the way the holo adds to the design. This might have to be included in my 2014 "Best Of" post at the end of the year!
P.S. Thanks Amanda Lawson for requesting this in my giveaway!!


  1. i totally agree that the holo adds to it. i love the colors match, the base lilac is perfect because it makes the zebra look softer, more sweet and playful, and the sparkles in the zebra prints completes this kind of style and idea, which makes something i'd usually call bitchy, not bitchy at all. in fact it looks beautiful on you, and sweet and playful are two words i'd use to describe you, while bitchy is so not on the list. what a coincidence, i just posted an animal print mani as well.. :)

  2. Wow looks amazing, I totally love the holo effect with this nailart!

  3. Stunning I love the Holo and animal print combo x
    You've been tagged for a Liebster award in my last blog post :)

    1. Awww thank you so much!! This is my third Liebster award! :)


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