Perfect Polish for a Pair of Purple Designs

Today's post (after about a thousand year hiatus) is both a mani and pedi post. I really wanted to use Zoya Mira in a design because it's such an amazing color and is probably one of my favorites in my collection. Although it's sort of dark, I still get the spring/summer vibe from it and I figured I could lighten it up even more with a fun design. Enter pinwheels and polka dots!
For the next four days I'll be relaxing on the beaches of Ocean City Maryland with my dad, brother, and some extended family from Ohio! I'm so excited. I haven't seen them in...years! *Fingers crossed that I get a little bit of a tan*


  1. The swirls are adorbs! I rarely have patience for my own pedicures ~

  2. Thanks Freshie!! It was the first time I tried them :)


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