Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year: Best 13 of 2013!

So 2013 has come to an end and 80 or so posts later...it's time for the yearly "Best of" post!! Here is the collection of my favorite designs/polishes that I have done/used over the course of 2013.

13. My Veterans Day cracked manicure from November:

12. My caviar manicure from the wayyy beginning of 2013 in January:

11. The An Occasion to Di(amond) For manicure I did for Steph and Matt's Engagement Dinner in May:

10. My hot pink Professionalism Day nails from November:

9. The Here Comes the Bride manicure inspired by Tiffany & Co. to celebrate my older sister getting engaged in April:

8. My Nautical Niceness manicure from November:

7. My I Got the Blues dotted nail design from March:

6. The Tuxedo nails I did in May:

5. My Color Run manicure from July:

4. The interesting Newspaper Nails from November:

3. My Avon Mosaic Effects manicure from May:

2. My Chevron manicure I just recently posted this month.

And finally, my absolute favorite nail design I did this year is....

1. My Layered Clouds manicure from this month. I know it's not the most intricate design but I just really LOVE the base color and I thought it was captured so beautifully in this picture. Also, the design is my favorite because of its versatility. You can do as many layers as you want, use as many or as little colors as you want, and it looks incredible. It's perfect for school, hanging out, going to a fancy dinner, the holidays, a formal, anything. You can wear this design any time.

There you have it! My Best Of 2013! Did I leave any out that you really liked? 
Let me know in the comments below.

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