Nail Polish MAYhem - Swatch: China Glaze Pool Party

Now that I'm almost done with my first year of law school I have more time before I start my internship to do some nails and update this blog! Welcome to Nail Polish MAYhem! For every day left in May I'm going to try to do a swatch post with a new polish or at least a polish that I've never used before! First up: China Glaze Pool Party. China Glaze Pool Party. Can I just say I love the color of this polish but I HATE the actual polish. I used it quite a few times last summer and it would dry matte even though it looks shiny in the bottle. ALSO, it chips in 0.25 seconds and comes off in big chunks even with Seche Vite.
When I added a top coat the it helped combat the matte-ness of the polish...

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