MAYhem - Swatch: Mary Kay Pink Sand

This polish is the perfect barely-there-soft-pink. It'll be perfect for when I'm working as an attorney and can't rock the fun and wild colors/designs I rock now. This is also one of only maybe 2 Mary Kay polishes that I have! Both were given to me by my boyfriend but he got it from one of his old high school teachers that sells Mary Kay who, from what I hear, also has a nail/nail polish habit like me!! I never had any Mary Kay polished before these and I have to say I really like them both. The polish took 4 coats to get to the opaque-ness that I was looking for but I feel like that's true of literally every light/soft color I own. Random tip: if you want to save the color rather than use 4 coats try a white base and then you the color. Anyway, I really like this polish and the bottles are cute too because they're short and round. The brush is a tiny bit awkward in your hand because of how fat it is but other than that minor detail it's a good polish. I'll have to use my second polish to get to swatch that one too for you. I'm sure I will....I'm a nail polish hoarder, you know. 

 With a flash it comes out a lot more pink...
 But it really looks like this...

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