MAYhem: Nicole by OPI Freshly Squeezed

Today's Nail Polish MAYhem post is Nicole by OPI Freshly Squeezed. This is the only Nicole by OPI polish in my collection but I always check them out when I'm see them at Target and Beautyland. Nicole has the best collaborations with celebrities (think Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Kardashians, etc) and the greatest colors. This one was given to me by my mom to try out and I have to say I really like the bottle and the color. It took a few (3-4) coats to become opaque and honestly I prefer a super thick opaque polish in 1-2 coats but the color is so vibrant and fun, it's perfect for summer (sort of like International Flare by China Glaze).


  1. I really like this on you, I picked up this polish a few days ago but have yet to try it.. after this post, I just might have to though!

  2. Why thank you so much, you're so sweet! I never thought I'd paint my nails a bright shimmery orange but I have to say I like it too. I hope you did give the polish a go because I'm certain you won't be disappointed!


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