Saturday, May 11, 2013

It just might be BIRTHDAY TIME!!!


Yep, this girl is turning one year older today! And as part of one of my fantastic presents I got the coolest manicure kit from Ciate! It's a chalkboard nails kit and it comes with a chalkboard black base coat (to the right!), four "chalk" pens, and a matte top coat sealer. Seriously, the base coat is incredible. It actually dries to the texture of a chalkboard and everything. Then you have four fancy pens in pink, blue, white, and yellow that are like "chalk" and you use them to draw. How neat?!

This is what I created with the new Ciate kit!

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  1. i love this post, i adore this design kit and this style and i OMG AM IN A TOTAL CRAZE for this stunning mani!!!!!!! today it is exactley one year after so Happy Birthday, also to the Nikki of the past!


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