Halloween Nails and Jack o'Lanterns

Today's weather was absolutely gross--it rained the whole entire day. Luckily, I knew it was going to be bad outside so I brought home some work. I'm still catching up on work (read: billable hours) from the honeymoon so I welcomed the nasty weather. It gave me a great excuse to bury myself in my cozy zebra blanket and do some work. I also ended up breaking out the slow cooker for the first time this fall and made some turkey chili for me and the Mr. (spoiler alert: it wasn't that good). 

Once I finished the work I wanted to get done and got the chili started we decided to finally carve the pumpkins we bought about two (maybe even three) weekends ago. I also painted some Halloween nails and we watched Hocus Pocus! Overall, pretty productive for a rainy day!

Here are my Halloween 2017 nails:
Other Halloween nails I've done include a ghostmore candy cornorange/blacksome mummiesInspired by Halloween moviespooky bats, and spooky cats.

Speaking of cats, here are our pumpkins for this year! I made it a gif so you can see it in light and dark. I LOVE how mine turned out. I think they both look so good--and they were freehand!
Can you guess whose is whose?
Other pumpkins have included Eiffel Tower, Tinkerbell, and a bride and groom!


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