Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Julep Halloween Mani 2014

With Halloween being next Friday and all, I've been considering what design I should do to celebrate this year. Then I received an email from a contact at Julep who invited me to participate in their Halloween Nail Art Contest, and even sent me an exclusive tutorial for a Halloween design to share with all of you guys. I decided sooner rather than later was best to post so I got to work on a Halloween mani after class today. In previous years I tried Hocus Pocus nails, witchy nails, mummy nails, candy corn nails, ghost nails, etc., so for this year it was a no-brainer that I had to try my hand at black cat nails. Is there anything creepier than a Halloween black cat? I think not. And that's probably a large part of why my cat is all white. He's like a little cotton ball.
For this look, I used Julep Sylvia for the background, Julep Hope for the nose, whiskers, and eyes, Julep Cleopatra for the cat, and a mix of Julep Hope and Julep Catrina for the eyes (to get a very pale yellow). Do you have any Halloween plans/manicures in mind?

If anyone is interested in polishes from Julep, be sure to check out their many nail polish choices! I'm sure you'll find something you need! Also, Julep sent me a Halloween-themed tutorial that I could include with my Halloween post, so if you DO have some awesome Halloween plans, and you want to have an awesome Halloween mani to go with it....give it a try! Be sure to comment here with your link so that I can see them!


  1. this is super dark! i like Julep lacquers and it's amazing they inspired you to do a halloween mani sending you polishes and stuff and even a tutorial!

  2. I think your cat tips looks great. :)
    I wish Julep is available here too. Love the colors!


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