Painted by Me, Inspired by Mops

Happy November everyone! 

Once again I had NO ideas for a nail design. Grrr. I wonder if nail polish block exists (similar to writer's block of course). Anyway, suddenly my mom text me "Les Lapins" (French for "Rabbits"). I'm not sure if anyone else follows this tradition but, in my family, the first person to say "rabbits" on the first of a month gets good luck for a whole month. So, of course, I immediately think ehh I could try some rabbits. I quickly realized that rabbits may or may not be completely beyond my limited skill level. I called my mom and we ended up talking about nails for a bit. She described a manicure she'd seen with a pale base, black tip, white polka dots, and a brighter pink divider line. I haven't done pink nails recently (I don't think) so I decided why not? and gave it a shot. Please enjoy the following nails painted by me...inspired by my Mops :D
For these nails I started with a base of Orly Catch the Bouquet. Then I did a tip of Orly Liquid Vinyl and Kiss Brush On Nail Art White. I separated the black and pink with a Hot Pink Ink Nail Art line. I really like these nails a lot. Finished them with a coat of Seche Vite.
Also, on an unrelated note: my carved pumpkins! I am a total Francophile (at least I think that's the word) in that I am in love and obsessed with all things French. Hence, my pumpkin. Plus, drumroll please, I think this is the first photo of me and Boyfriend here on the blog!
And yes...that is an Eiffel Tower necklace around my neck. And no...I promise I didn't plan that, lol. The pumpkins really look sharp in the dark:
Props for using cell phones to light our pumpkins. College minds for the win!

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  1. I get "nail art block" far too often :(.
    Those are ute nails that I definitely want to get my hands on. :) Or should I say, nails on!
    I don't speak french but every once in awhile a "mon cheri" slips. :)


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