Lunar Eclipse of the Heart

Ok, so the real song is "Total Eclipse of the Heart." Big deal, I'm totally talking about this polish called Lunar Eclipse. This is one of the two Orly FX collection polishes I own that I bought with my sister when they were brand new. To this day I think it's still one of my most expensive polishes (it was only 10 bucks but still....I'm a poor college kid! lol). It's also one of my favorites due to its name--I bought an eclipse that I loooove this past summer!) As for the actual, I'm not impressed. Visit the "Swatches" link for more info on it!

Anyway, today was pretty boring-I didn't have anything but a 12:30 class to go to. Luckily, I filled the day with a morning trip to the gym with Sarah and then went to pick up some things (a new eyelash curler and a cuticle trimmer among them). Other than that tonight is going to be pretty boring, too.  Thank god for polish to fill my boring nights. I think I'll swatch like a fiend tonight. Here's Lunar Eclipse. FYI I wouldn't be surprised to see a boatload of swatches tomorrow if I were you. Lol. These pictures really don't show the true color of this polish, it's sooo much more duochrom-y in person. Trust me.

And for the design....Orly Lunar Eclipse, Orly Liquid Vinyl, and Essence Silver Surfer....

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