Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I've got a crush...

...on the polish of the day, Grape Crush! Ok, maybe that was lame. It's the name of the polish I'm about to show you. I did my nails tonight again and realized I haven't used any of the purples I have in my collection. That had to be remedied so...feast your eyes on an oldie-but-goodie, Grape Crush :)

It's a really pretty sparkly color that is really old (it's actually one I lifted from my mom's collection a many years ago). Notice the old school silver cap! Anyway, it's really thick and goopy now so on some fingers it still might look a little uneven. Eh, I blame the polish and the fact that I'm tired because I've been studying for a developmental psychology exam. Speaking of, I should probably get some sleep! Here is the manicure (which could hardly count as a manicure since I just tossed on a color and stamped a design on one finger but anyway)...
I know, isn't it gorgeous? Look at this polish! I took the picture so it came out a little blurry to show all the colors and flecks in it. It looks like a rainbow just flickering on my nail. This will probably be distracting during tomorrow morning's exam but why not. It's so pretty! I used Grape Crush (obviously) with Orly White Out and BM 11. I really should expand my horizons with the white polishes. I have so many but I never use them. Stay tuned for some major white polish usage!


  1. :) That color is so pretty. Before, When I saw the old logo I thought it was fake china glaze :X haha

  2. haha, it's understandable. I think it's just old but who knows? Faux china glaze works too I guess. Hmm, now I'm curious, lol.


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