Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cross the Ts (and the first To(e)tally Tuesday post)

Hey everyone! I get to go home today! My Wednesday class was cancelled which means within the next 20 minutes I will be leaving my college town and going to my home town! Niice! I'm excited. I'm even MORE excited for this post today! It's the first To(e)tally Tuesday post! My stance is that pedicures don't get enough love and, while some people hate feet, I like mine. I love a good pampering for my piggies! So here we go, feet below--but at least the toenails are polished right? What is more heinous than unpolished toesies? I won't lie...unpolished toes freak me out. Just saying. Feast your eyes on Cross the Ts!
Whoa! That is one BIG toe. Anyway, China Glaze Caribbean Blue, OPI Red My Fortune Cookie (which came out really dark over the blue) and then Color Club Art Club in Red and Light Blue for the crosses and White for the line

Alright, I'm off to drive home! I've got a sushi date with my sister finally! And maybe some polish shopping, too!


  1. Love the design! By the way nice toes :) I could not post pictures of my horrible uneven toes and toe nails


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