In my skin tight jeans...

Yes, I'm quoting the new-ish Katy Perry song. However, Katy Perry has nothing to do with the nails of today. These were inspired by the college staple (hell everyone's staple) jeans. Everyone wears them and everyone has a pair they absolutely love. This summer I bought a 5 polish set from Ulta I've Got the Denim Blues and I've been throwing this idea around in my head ever since then. I'm bored enough to give it a shot tonight so I bring you: Jean nails.
Each nail has the design that you'd see on the back pockets of some jeans. Bonus points if you can guess them! This is the set from Ulta, I've Got the Denim Blues.
Left to Right: Acid Wash, Stone Wash, Indigo, Vintage, Skinny


  1. I love these!!
    :) They came out really cute!!

  2. Great Idea!! Love the jeans designs especially the rocawear "R"

  3. I think this was a cool idea Nik, but, I only recognize one of the brands. Which ones besides AE did you use?

  4. Hmmm, the thumb was just some random jeans picture I pulled up on google, the R was Rock and Republic or-as it turns out-Rocawear too!, the middle was Levi Jeans I think, AE on the ring, and the pinky was just a pocket I made up.

    And thanks Shadow!


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