Bling It On

Yes, I'm talking about nail bling! This was my first time using rhinestone accents for my nails! To be honest, I just never gave it a try before. I found these rhinestone accents (do you recognize them Steph? They're from the Gaga eyelashes we wore) today and thought eh why not. While I was at the gym my entire left hand middle finger's polish came off. I didn't even notice. I just looked down at dinner and saw it was completely gone. And I'm talking completely. It was almost as if I passed out, some one nail polish removed the middle finger's polish, and then I woke back up. Crazy.
Look at how they sparkle in the picture! I love how they turned out after I put two coats of Seche Vite on them. The supplies I used were:
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails nail treatment, China Glaze Angel's Flight, 
OPI Blue My Mind, Color Club Art Club White, Seche Vite


  1. I love these nails. They make it Nikki's Nail Art Hall of Fame.

  2. Nikki's Nail Art Hall of Fame eh? Well now, that sounds legit! Thanks Steph!


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