E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles!

Despite what you may be led to believe by the name of this post, I am NOT a football fan. I don't watch Sunday football. I can't remember if Monday night football is the thing or if its Thursday night football now. However, with the super bowl quickly approaching and my law firm having a pre-super bowl fiesta today for lunch, I felt obligated to partake in some football festivus. So I pulled out my children's XL Westbrook jersey (note: he doesn't even play anymore) from the depths of my closet, dusted it off (the last time I wore it was in college), and made some Italian hoagie dip (delicious!) and headed to work. I totally looked like a football fan! I also couldn't forget my nails! I did a quick water marble in the Eagles green, black, and white.
The water marble clearly showed that I did these in a hurry. They were definitely not as tidy as I would have hoped but whatever, I knew I'd be changing them quickly anyway. So I let them stay.
On the plus side, they went with my jersey perfectly. And I still got a few compliments on them!
Are you cheering on one of the teams in the superbowl? I'll root for the birds only because I'm from the Philadelphia area and I feel like I have to. Now, if they were playing the Green Bay Packers I would have to change my vote. I'm a fan of Green Bay because their mascot is cheese. And any team incorporating food is a-okay with me! Have a great weekend!

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