Valentine's Day 2018

Have you ever noticed how Valentine's Day seems to make people fall into two camps:
(1) Those who celebrate with their significant others.
(2) Those who go on the offensive about how "stupid" Valentine's Day is (maybe or maybe not because they have no one "special" to celebrate with).
Well, you do you. Whether you're toasting Valentine's Day with your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, grandparent, parent, sibling, or friend; cooking a gourmet dinner for you and your pet; or just gorging yourself on chocolates while sitting on the couch binge watching Las Chicas de Cables (look it up on Netflix!), I say Happy Valentine's Day to you and hope you have a wonderful day. Just enjoy the day and treat yourself in any way you see fit! The hubs and I are doing our normal and cooking ourselves a fancy dinner at home. Then it's time for champagne and sweets!

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