Rain, Rain, Peach Polish and Zebra

In the tri-state area we had two really good and warm 70ish degree days this week and just when I was getting hopeful that Spring was making an early appearance and that I could throw my winter coats to the depths of the closet I look out my office window today and....rain. The sky had turned gloomy and grey and I did not grab my rain boots or my super cute raincoat this morning. Ugh, I hate being ill prepared. You know I take any opportunity, even the slightest of drizzle, to at least wear my rain boots. At least I had my emergency "office umbrella" that I store atop my bookshelf for these exact occasions. The only problem now will be remembering to return it to my bookshelf before the next rain emergency. Ahh, oh well, at least my nails are a bright peach and fun design, which I'll admit is quite the contrast to the dreary evening.
That being said, I don't care if I have to charter a boat, I am GOING TO THE GYM TONIGHT. I was being so good and then gorged myself on delicious food while with the hubby's parents this past weekend. Ever since then I haven't been able to reign myself back in. No. That's done now. A pack of wild horses can't keep me from my row/run tonight. Speaking of, my gym got a new rowing machine recently (where you propel actual water) and I'm in love. I might be obsessed and I have totally thought of buying one of these. But who are we kidding, until we find our home we don't have room for any of that nonsense!

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