Birthday Nails for a BFF

Oh my goodness. I realized today that I cannot remember the last time I commemorated an event in someone's else life with a nail design. Nope, I literally had to go back through some old posts to research and it turns out the last one was my sister's 30th birthday in October. Wowza!

I used to do birthday nails all the time on this blog. Can we remember my buddy S's 24th birthday tree manicure? Or maybe my now hubby's 23rd birthday? Or my sister's 23rd birthday (yes, the same sister who is now 30, lol)?Or my 21st birthday all those years ago? Or even my mom's *cough*29th birthday again*cough* nails? Point is, I clearly used to be a lot more celebratory here on the blog. Let's bring that back, okay?

And we can start today with these birthday nails for my BFF....
She was the first person I met at my high school in 2004. We went through classes, boyfriends, formal dances, etc and became really close friends during high school. This photo was  taken before our senior class trip to Disney.
And she was a bridesmaid in my wedding 13 years later.
She's pretty much the best ride or die you can get. We've been through boyfriends, high school drama, being roommates at college, then being at separate colleges (I still resent her for abandoning me), law school, living in neighboring states, learning how to adult (or not to adult), and most recently my wedding. No matter what has happened or how long it's been since we checked in with each other, I know I can always count on her.

So, happy birthday to you, J! You deserve all the glasses of champagne tonight. And by champagne I mean beer and pizza!

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