Highlight of My Summer Steals the Show

Hello again everyone! For today's post I have a beautiful base polish that steals the show. Seriously, if you own Hightlight of My Summer by China Glaze then you know how amazing it is! I love this polish and it should be on everyone's go-to summer polishes because it's just stunning.
I added a bit of black tip and a silver accent nail to give it some more pizzazz but I still think my eyes are drawn to the base polish instead of the accent nail! Ever have that happen? You paint your nails a base color and then do a design but the base color is what gets noticed more?? These would be good nails for Andrew and my anniversary on April 24th!


  1. Looks like I have another polish to hunt down! I need more pastels like that! :)

    Very nice mani! I haven't run into the situation that you have. In my case it's more like I spend an hour on something difficult, and no one notices, but when I slap on whatever, THEN people pay attention! XD

  2. What a beautiful polish! I love that black tip! :-)

  3. What a lovely manicure :)
    I love the black tip and the hearts :)


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